Poly Annie Earns World’s First NFP Innovator Award

As the ways content distribution continues to change and content creators search for new channels that allow them to directly connect with their fans, the adult NFT market is gaining tremendous traction and Polyannie is leading the vanguard of forward-thinking performers toward a very exciting new era.

NFTs are Non-Fungible Tokens, already popularized in mainstream by organizations like the NBA and tech visionaries like Elon Musk. They allow content creators to use blockchain technology to create a digital original of virtually any file. In several reported instances, NFTs have sold for far more than a million dollars each, because the buyers recognize that owning a copy of something is easy but owning the only original of something has far more intrinsic value.

Recently Opensea.io established the first annual NFT awards, and of all the performers now utilizing this new content delivery technology, Polyannie was selected as the inaugural winner of the NFP Innovator Award for 2021. Her website www.polyannie.com was the first of its kind, fully focused on the NFT method of making and delivering custom original content NFTs for fans.

“As a performer, I am an artist, not unlike artists whose works appear in major museums around the globe – and things have changed dramatically for digital artists like myself because for the first time in history we can create an original of one of our works that can’t be replicated as the true original and can only be copied as a duplicate,” explained Polyannie. “A poster of a Van Gogh oil painting may sell in a student bookstore at any college campus for forty or fifty dollars, but the original is worth many millions of dollars, and the NFT that adult performers make available exclusively for fans work exactly the same way.”

As part of her shift from traditional subscription based content sales to unique NFT performances Polyannie has been working closely with the team at Niftease. “Niftease is a marketplace where fans and content creators can connect to buy or sell NFTs in the adult vertical, since mainstream NFT markets won’t support adult content,” explained Lauren MacEwen of Niftease.com. “Our intention is to create something entirely new in adult, a real after-market, where fans who purchase original content from a studio or performer can also exchange it for other content or sell it and earn a profit. It’s a very different way to consume content, because you can pay one price and enjoy it for as long as you like while also earning a profit when you sell it to someone else or even earn recurring revenue by retaining part of the resale rights as a commission that is fully recorded into the blockchain of the NFT itself. People don’t fully understand how big a deal this is yet, but they will soon and Niftease is here to help.”

To learn more about the NFT opportunity as a studio, performer, affiliate or fan visit www.niftease.com, or speak with Polyannie and see why digital content delivery is changing right now forever.